Difficult spaces need extra care

Option-i, our unique production technology, is the driving force behind Daval. It allows us to manufacture made to order, made to measure furniture so that you can maximise your storage space from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Our heritage as a cabinet maker is what makes us so passionate not only about design, but more importantly what happens behind the door. All furniture comes with our 5 year manufacturing guarantee.

How we can help...

  • Sloping ceilings
  • Sloping wardrobe tops (Back slopes)
  • Unusual ceiling heights from 1502mm up to 2750mm
  • Varying depths like chimney breasts and irregular walls
  • Non standard widths to give you that perfect fit so every door can be the exact same width.

Simply let us measure your space and we’ll create a bespoke wardrobe solution just for you.

Click the images below to see how we can help you create the perfect bedroom.