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Kitchens for individuals



And there’s n​o room like the kitchen.

It’s the most important living space of all, the beating heart of every house. It’s where families come together, friends chat and couples unwind. And at Symphony, we’ve created two distinct collections to give you a kitchen you’ll love.

The kitchen is the place where you smiled at that first ever school report, where you helped them bake their first cakes, where you snatched those moments of peace when everything seemed perfect. Because the very best kitchen is not just where you make meals, it’s where you make memories.


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New displays at our showroom.

We have changed all our displays so you can jugde for yourself the real quality of these great kitchens. Call us for an appointment to discuss your needs, or just pop in

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Gallery Collection

Love your kitchen...

Choose your perfect kitchen from our Gallery collection. We have four exceptional ranges, inspired and created by our designers, that let you bring your dream to life.

Explore our Timeless, Shaker, Linear and Modern ranges and discover that unique blend of style, elegance and finishing touches which will give you a kitchen that’s truly your own.

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Signature Collection

Your life, your style, your kitchen...

Signature is a collection of the finest quality kitchens designed to let you really express  yourself. Classic or cutting-edge, traditional or minimal, high gloss or hand-painted – we want to help you create your Signature kitchen.

Every single Signature kitchen is exquisitely styled and expertly crafted. Our highly skilled team tailor-make each piece, adding the technology, design detail and TLC needed to make a kitchen work beautifully. This is your kitchen dream come true. This is your Signature.

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TIP: How to solve the challenge of corner unit storage...

Innovative storage solutions help you make the most of every inch of space in your kitchen while keeping everything easily accessible. In fact, From cutlery to storage jars, recycling bins to root veg, our clever storage solutions create a place for everything. Out of sight, but never out of mind.